“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”



About Author :

Hi! I’m Ochuole Ode (Oh-Sha-Lay ¬†Oh-Day). Yep. Just a Nigerian American girl who’s trying to fail forward. This is not a success story. Oh no. At least, not yet. This would be the prologue, the becoming, the before picture, if you will. I’m still striving, still reaching, still dreaming about the life I want to lead, the woman I want to be. And everyday I’m here is another day to try again, to strive again; another day to not be discouraged by my perceived ‘failures’ and lack of accomplishments. I’m waking up and saying, “Fu*Ck it! I’m turning this sh*t into gold and I’m going to fail forward, meaning, I’m not going to stay down and I’m not going to give up. I’m going to be classy and graceful about these ‘set-backs’. Until I get to where I’m want to be, who I want to be, I’m going to write about it. Everything. The good, the bad, the past, the present and everything in between. I’m going to give you me-the me that’s going through it all-right now. This is my journey and I’m determined to find peace in the struggle. So if you can relate to feeling like your life is not quite where you want to be yet, this is the space for you. Welcome! Grab some libations and sugary goodies (or fat free, gluten free goodies-this is a judgement free zone…) and stay a while.